Skirting boards - LM 60

New montage hook in LM 60 skirting board

Thanks to new construction of the connection hook we reach outstanding facility in montage system. In easy way upper part of the skirting board is guide to the right destination point. It doesn't aloud you to match the aim in wrong place. The new additional element have extra purpose. It help in providing in easy way wires into the skirting board and keep it in one place.


Ideal fitting to wall and floor

Special rubbers on both top and bottom edges make the profile fit ideally to both wall and floor. All unevenness is leveled, skirting board is dustproof and sealed.

No need to dismantle while renovating

In case of interior renovation skirting boards don’t need to be dismantled – you may only remove its top part. Possible unevenness in paint layer will be hidden after the top part is fixed again.

Capacious wire canals

Skirting board has very capacious, separated canals for wires. You may easily separate various cables. You may easily remove, add or replace cables (phone cables, TV, computer, etc.)

Product Specifications:
60 x 20,5 mm
2500 mm
60 mm
Size of the expansion joint:
20,5 mm
Color / Decor:
Floor type:
laminate floor
waterproof, flexible, channel to lead out cables
end caps, internal corner, external corner, connector, multibox
20 pcs /box (50 m)
Decora Poland

How to install

Learn more about installing this product in our academy.

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