PVC profiles - Trims for PVC panels 8-10 mm

Most of our trims can be easily interlocked to ensure easy installation. Position the first part of the trim against the wall or ceiling, position the panel and click the second part of the trim into place.

Start Trim

An end rail makes it possible to fit the panelling flush with the wall or ceiling. The first panel is best fitted into the end rail with a trimmed tongue side.

Universal Corner

Inside and outside corners can easily be finished with a universal corner rail which is fitted before the panelling is applied.

Decorative Crown Moulding

These special ceiling rails are used for finishing the ceilings after the panelling has been fitted and before the ceiling covering is positioned.


The panels can be extended lengthwise by using this special decorative joint. You can also use Dumaclip if you do not want to use these trims.

Product Specifications:
2600 mm
for fixing use glue or dowels
10 pcs/box (26 m)
Dumaplast Belgium

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