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American siding

The vinyl siding is a beautiful way of keeping the investment you have made for your house.

This unique protection gives you the beauty of the painted wood, while sparing you all the trouble of grinding, formation of air pockets, flaking or decaying. No extra maintenance is necessary or fixing and painting of the façade, which is necessary for standard construction plasters. Unlike the metal cladding the siding will never rust or corrode.

Easy maintenance

The long-lasting durability of the siding against atmospheric conditions means that your home will preserve its charm and value for many years with quite easy exterior maintenance (water cleaning).


The siding system is characterized with high durability of color and the panel itself. The coloring is not superficial, therefore scratches and wear out of the color is impossible. The paneling is flexible and durable, resists impact without getting damaged.

Quick and dry installation

The siding is a system of panels and finishing profiles manufactured in a way that allows for quick and effective installation even on surfaces that are most difficult to work on.

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