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Foil paneling with delicate shine and pearl effect

Due to their wide application, good technical data and properties, relatively low price, practicality and flexibility in design solutions, PVC paneling is in great demand and constantly growing in popularity. In addition, technologies for coloring, printing and foiling are being developed in order to achieve a diverse supply and abundance of color solutions. In recent years, the modern technology of digital printing>> has become necessary, which achieves a flawless 3D effect and realistic reproduction of natural materials such as wood, marble, brick, wall and others.

Another modern method of staining is hot stamping of PVC panels with a special foil. Thanks to it, glamorous and multi-color decors are achieved with a chameleon effect. Gold and silver shades are refracted by natural or artificial light. See the offered models Paneling Nolina - Versailles 20x300 cm>>



Foil paneling has the properties and advantages of standard paneling - it is durable, water resistant and easy to clean and maintain. Washable, durable and easy to install, perfect finish, the benefits of this type of paneling are countless. Due to the variety of colors, they combine perfectly with various decorative materials.



PVC paneling can be mounted on absolutely any surface - brick, panel, drywall and wood panels. PVC panels are a practical, inexpensive and quick method of interior decoration, with which you can renovate any interior. It can perfectly replace vinyl wallpaper for bathrooms, faience and other more expensive and difficult to apply plasters.



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