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What are the advantages of the PVC window sills?

Do you know that the PVC window boards prevent the formation of thermal bridges and subsequent condensate and mold so unwanted especially in the kids room.


As a technical element of the window system, the PVC window board prevents cold air from coming into the premises from outside and vice versa – heat flowing out from inside. Going up, convection flows of warm air reach the window sill, which causes their change of direction to the side. Thus the thickness of the warm air layer around the window and the adjacent part of the wall is increased. Besides, if there is any condensate on the window pane, the water drops will trickle down on the sill without getting to the wall and damaging it.




PVC window sills have the characteristics of PVC window profiles. They do not decay or crack; they are not easily flammable and are absolutely waterproof. Thanks to their multi-chamber structure, they are solid enough and with good thermal insulation properties. On the smooth surface of their face side, a special decorative and protective coating is applied, available in several hues, to imitate wood veneer of different kinds, or to resemble natural stone (marble).

Their surface has no pores and is protected against soiling or bacteria growth.


PVC window sills are low-maintenance: they are easy to clean with any kind of cleaning agents except for abrasives. The resistant top layer and the optimally high quality guarantee long life and durability of the profile.

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