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Siding with an effect of brushed wood

Hokla is a new brand that symbolizes Skandinavian prakticality and naturalness.

The spatial structure of wood creates an inimitable natural image and impresses for its realism.

A strongly pronounced wood structure emphasizes harmony with nature and blends in with any landscape.

Your house won`t go unnoticed and will always attract admiring glances.



Hokla facade panels imitate the texture of wood in the cladding of the building. Thanks to the four-sided assembly system, the siding can be installed without connecting profiles - thus the wall looks continuous.

The design also allows the panels to be installed both vertically and horizontally without waste.

You can buy from us the following design options for Hokla panels:

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ADVANTAGES of Hokla facade panels:

• The panels are strong, light and flexible, which guarantees their durability.

• Hokla panels have a pronounced relief structure, which creates additional reinforcing elements - so the siding better withstands thermal deformation.

• The panels are installed without waste: for this, the cut pieces are placed at the beginning of the next row. When installing traditional panels, about 10% of the material is lost.



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