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At One with Nature - facade cladding with wood effect

In an effort to meet the modern requirements for a facade that has a natural appearance that is in harmony with nature and at the same time is easy to maintain and resistant to the harmful effects of the environment, we have added to our portfolio a new siding collection of U -plast.

Timberblock FIR siding is a collection that breathes new life into the classic siding form. The decor of this collection repeats the pattern of natural fir in the smallest detail.

Timberblock FIR siding will give an elegant look to the facade of your house, and the natural tones will be relevant for many years.



Nolina keeps stock of the following types of FIR:

Altai Fir - see here >>

Sakhalin Ela - see here >>

In addition to the system are the finishing accessories in the same color: internal corner, external corner, contour J-plate and H-profile for connection.



Advantages of siding Timberblock FIR:

• Natural wood texture

• FIR wooden floater

• Natural design - complete fusion with the landscape

• Resistant to atmospheric influences

• Color fastness guarantee

• Resistance to mechanical damage.

• No need for additional care and maintenance

• Long period of usage


Vinyl siding is a material that is in high demand in the construction industry. It has an aesthetic appearance and is affordable. As a rule, this type of coating is used to finish the facade of residential buildings and commercial buildings (shops, offices, etc.).

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