Skirting boards - STIQ

STIQ skirting boards are made of homogeneous material (100% PVC FREE), without paints and varnishes. VOC free - recyclable.

The collection consists of different models such as heights, widths and purpose.

The 10mm wide STIQ models are designed for vinyl flooring and ceramic tiles due to their Super SLIM shape and durability.

An existing tile plinth can easily be hidden with the STIQ+ STP950 skirting board without having to cut it. STIQ skirting boards are 100% waterproof and can replace the commonly used tile plinth construction.

Stiq XL models come in a straight cube or Hamburg shape, cover a 15mm joint and are suitable for vinyl, laminate and ceramic flooring.

Waterproof - Floor cleaning without any risk – the STIQ skirting board does not get deformed.

Can be painted - the baseboards are factory primed and ready for painting.

Always clean surface – the perfectly smooth surface with no micropores is an ideal barrier against soiling and dust.

Shock resistant – highest stability and durability

Flexible – ideally fits against uneven walls.

Some models are available on request with a minimum quantity of 1 package.

Please contact us for a stock check.

Product Specifications:
different models
2200 mm
60 mm, 80 mm, 95 mm, 100 mm
Size of the expansion joint:
10 mm, 14 mm, 14.3 mm, 15 mm, 19 mm
Color / Decor:
Floor type:
LVT floor, ceramic tiles, laminate floor
waterproof, channel to lead out cables, you can paint it
20 pcs /box (44 m)
Decora Poland

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