Details make the character, or how to choose skirting boards

Details give character, so when you lay a floor you should not forget about a careful finish. Skirting boards may be chosen to go either with the floor colour and reproduce wood structure and pattern, or with other interior elements, in which case they will be white and will match, for example, white window joinery. Such white skirting boards may be painted in any colour, for example to match the wall colour. When selecting a suitable solution, pay attention to the fact that skirting boards vary in terms of their raw materials, and consequently their water resistance, impact strength and method of assembly.


Perfect Match – Skirting boards matching floor appearance

Not only do ONE 60/ONE 80 skirting boards stand out for their ideal reproduction of wood structure and pattern, but also for their excellent performance, which exceeds the parameters of wood and MDF boards:

100% water resistance,

Exceptional durability and impact resistance. More:

The color of the ONE 60 and ONE 80 skirting boards perfectly matches the popular Arbiton vinyl flooring offered by Nolina. MORE:

The unique INDO skirting board is the only one of its kind on the market. Its modern shape and flexibility allow for adaptation to wall irregularities while ideally reproducing wood structure and effect. Fully mounted on a support rail, it is easy to assemble and dismantle. Thanks to the perfectly matched finishing accessories, everything looks elegant and modern. More:

MACK skirting board, with its traditional cable channel, combines a modern shape with ideal colour and design matching 100% reproduction of wood colour. The board has structural impressions which perfectly imitate natural wood, and the wide installation channel allows for easy screwing and speeds up the assembly process.



White Design – White skirting boards

VEGA skirting boards stand out due to their beautiful white surface and increased UV light resistance. They can be painted, and feature a number of additional qualities compared to MDF boards:

100% water resistance,

Exceptional durability and impact resistance. More:

The DORA skirting board combines modern design with classic assembly by means of clips (as in the case of MDF boards). Its 100% water resistance, exceptional durability and impact resistance distinguish it from wood and MDF boards, and the beautiful white surface with increased UV resistance gives it a unique character.




You may also prefer a traditional MDF skirting board: PAINT-IT, which can be painted to match wall or furniture colour (you can use the same paints used for painting walls; do not use solvent-based paints). PAINT-IT boards are fixed to the wall by means of special clips which allow for easy dismantling of the board in the case of wall renovation. More:


New on the market – STIQ – is a skirting board dedicated to ceramics. Due to its shape, colour, durability and water resistance it is ideal for rooms with ceramic tiles. A perfect replacement for popular tiled skirting. More:

Don’t forget: the lower the room where the floor is laid, the lower the skirting board which should be chosen so as not to “visually reduce the wall”.