Installation method 2G and 5G technology of SPC flooring per click system.

Technology of 2G and 5G locking systems. Child’s play!

Today we look at floor technology of Amaron and Liberal Collection locking system. They differ from each other not only by plank sizes. Above all more important is difference in locking system between them.

Amaron Collection – means 5G locking technology:

5G® LOCKING SYSTEM is based on a single action installation method. As a result the boards are locked on the long side with a traditional angling method. When a panel is folded down, a flexible plastic tongue is pushed into a tongue-groove.

After thar as the panel reaches its final position, the locking tongue snaps out into a wedge groove, emits a ”click” sound and locks the product vertically. Floating floor installation has never been easier.



2G® LOCKING SYSTEM is a strong and durable mechanical locking system installed by angling. Suitable for all panel widths, vertical and horizontal locking. In addition it is robust and easy floor installation.