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New York’s elegance and style

New York’s elegance and style, delight in industrial design, utilitarianism, clean lines and symmetry of form .

The triumphant return of the first style, which has become a global fashion at the beginning of the 20th century. Classic modernity, aesthetics originally combining modernism, corresponding to economic progress with classic, symmetrical forms. Today it is synonymous with timeless elegance. Elegance of furniture, high quality of natural materials - marble, granite combined with the rawness of copper. White as an addition in the form of flowers or as a universal background. Fashionable combination of black color and gold, geometric decorations. Heavy, flowing, slightly shiny fabrics in the windows. Stylized posters on Łempicka’s paintings.




> synthetic, geometric form                                                                                        

> operating with straight lines

> solid forms                                                                                                              

> strict rules of composition and symmetry




> heavy, flowing, slightly shimmering materials

> fabrics - in bold designs and colors, a variety of structures



Vinyl flooring from Arbiton, Amaron Collection – Georgetown Oak >>